About us

The Applonia Hoeve started since 2010 in The Wilp. We started with breeding from Frisian horses. Since that time we grew fast and are still expanding our services.

What do we do?

We are specialized in training of your horse. It is very important that your horse is well trained and become calm under the saddle.

We are also specialized in making your horse ready for the test to get your horse a premium. It is very important that your horse is getting well prepared for the test to get the best results.

It is also possible to rent a box by us for stabling your horse. It’s not only the stabling. It is also including good food, good care, good accommodation. You can also use our fantastic outdoor arena. This outdoor arena features a wonderful light and water drain.

Internship at Applonia Hoeve

Since 2012 are we a approved as a regulated aeqour learn company. It is possible for school to work for us as a intern. Are you looking for an intern spot, please freely contact us.

Contact Applonia Hoeve

Are you interested in one of our services, please freely contact us for information and/or an appointment.

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