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The Applonia Hoeve is a professional training and commercial stables for specially the Frisian horse, but also other sorts. On our website we inform you about the various services that we have to offer. This means learning/training/calm under the saddle and making inspection proof. We also have regularly various sorts of horses for sale. Are you also looking for a box to rent? Then you come to the right place!

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At Applonia Hoeve It is possible to let your horse to be trained, become calm under the saddle and/or be tamed by us. We are specialized in this work...

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Horses for sale

Having trouble selling your horse(s)? Through or many contacts within the Netherlands and abroad we can help you sell your horses.

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Beside stabling your horse in our beautiful new stalls, your horse will be short of nothing. we offer good accommodation for the horse. We provide quality food and stalls are cleaned several times a day.

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